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Micro Craft Android 2018 Survival Free Download For PC Windows


Micro Craft Android 2018 Scarica sopravvivenza gratuito per PC:Just download free apps apk and install Android ARK Survival Evolved Download for PC.Just download Upgrade to Micro Craft 2018 Survival Free APK as you want and Upgrade to ARK Survival Evolved will give you what you need.

The description of Micro Craft 2018: Survival Free

Game of the Year !!! Here there isSURVIVAL” e “CREATIVO” with pixel graphics and 3D blocks.
Change of time of day (day, notte). At night, you can get involved with zombies, mostri, creepers,
skillettes, spiders. During the daytime you will see cows, sheep, chickens, pigs. In the game you will find everything
necessary materials for construction and crafts. If you are hungry, you can hunt animals.
Build your house and save your finds.


Two modes: “CREATIVO” e “SURVIVAL”;
New graphics;
much more blocks;
an endless world;
sunset and sunrise;
the moon and the stars;
eggs of mobs, lighter;
lava, water;
Better management.

Micro Craft Android 2018 Scarica sopravvivenza gratuito per PC


OPTIONS: (options 🙂

third person view
local server multiplayer (multiuser server)

invert y-axis (invert Y-axis)
lefty (lefty)
split controls
d-pad size
destroy block (vibrate)

graphics (graphics)
view distance
fancy graphics (Buona grafica)
beautiful skies (beautiful skies)
animated water
experimental (experimental)
hide GUI (hide the visual interface)

sound velume (suono)